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The point for Halal products trade
Halal Product Marketing Network
  The point for Halal products trade...Halal Product Marketing Network
  Halal products which will effect World trade volume seriously are going to be a very precious market and economical value for the producers of Muslim countries.

For this fast-growing economical circle, we, as ICRIC, support the network organized by us with the purpose of meeting and matching the producers by issuing up-to-date data and introducing halal producers to Muslim consumer all over the world.

Within the scope of ICRIC ( Islamic Chamber Research & Information Center ) services, products certificated in terms of halal standards are displayed on this network so as to present them to consumers and inform the customers about some technological and standard quality.

If you have intention to take a place in this website, applying by e-mail to info@icrici.org or info@icric.org address will be just enough.